Phenix Counseling

We bring our authentic selves to the sacred space of therapy, supervision and business coaching in order to facilitate transformative change.

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Licensed Professional Counseling, Therapy, Supervision, and Business Coaching

Welcome To Phenix Counseling

  • We are therapists who are committed to the difficult personal work of self-awareness and growth in order to ensure the safety of our clients who present their most vulnerable selves.
  • We treat our clients with dignity and respect. We create a container for hearing and holding their story. We challenge our clients to examine their story within this brave space in order to discern the meanings they have assigned and change the meanings which no longer serve them. They then test these new ways of being that will lead to the selves they are meant to be.
  • We believe that many of life’s difficulties are rooted in relationships but connection is also the key to health and wellness. The therapeutic relationship offers a testing ground to rewrite relational stories – with self and others.

The spelling of Phenix is the Medieval Latin translation of the original word used in Greek mythology.