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    All appointments are conducted online. We are committed to providing excellent care and service to our clients which prioritizes health and safety as well as honors busy schedules.


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From the outside looking in, you have success...you have the education, the family, the expertise, the profession, or maybe all of the above but you feel stuck in some way. Stuck...in your losses, in unhealthy relational patterns, in reactions to your past hurts, in constant health struggles? You want to find comfort, peace, a stronger sense of self, authentic connections or joy but you're not sure how to obtain those. We use the power of therapeutic relationship to dive deep into the themes and dynamics driving your pain. Our relationship becomes the base camp for challenging dysfunctional meanings and for living life in a completely different and healthier way! It's not about a quick fix, it's about your deep and lasting transformation.


Teletherapy Works!

If you have a busy schedule, would love to avoid fighting traffic or having to arrange child-care, then working online is perfect for you. Clients often acclimate to therapy a little more quickly as they conduct sessions in the comfort of their own space. It is also helpful to your therapist to see you in your life context. We have offered teletherapy services since 2018, making us well versed in the nuances of building a therapeutic alliance online. Click here to learn more.


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