Becoming You

Becoming You

  • Do you feel like you lose yourself in relationships?
  • Are you trying to navigate how to relate to new relationships, parents, and friends?
  • Are you unsure how to choose healthy and safe people?
  • Do you feel lost in determining your boundaries, communicating them and/or enforcing them?

Join us for this therapy journey into becoming who you want to be in relationships.This group has the following goals/purposes:

  1. To begin discovering your identity
  2. To not feel like you lose yourself in relationships
  3. To know how to find safe and healthy people
  4. To find your voice
  5. To know how to build healthy relationships


This is not just a support group. The experience will be professional therapy led by Caitlin Wise, MS, Registered Intern Mental Health Counselor.It is designed to be an ongoing experience but will be delivered in four-week modules, meaning no long-term commitment. Each four week module reserves a seat in the group which has a limited membership.As a closed group, no new members will be accepted once the module begins. This is designed to protect the safety and trust that must be built and maintained among the members in order for the group to function.Thus, payment for the module is required whether or not you attend individual sessions. No matter how many modules you choose to complete, you will gain a clearer understanding of how to build healthy relationships, find your own voice, and identify safe people. Most importantly, the group format allows you to build connections with like-minded fellow sojourners that will continue long after the group ends!

Message from your group leader:

For years, I struggled with understanding who I was. I felt like I lost myself in relationships and would end them more confused and lost than I was before. I was not sure how to find safe or healthy people or how to engage them. My relationships seemed to follow a cycle of confusion, disappointment, and chaos. When I finally learned how to form my own identity and what a ‘healthy’ relationship even looked like, my whole life transformed. One of my reasons for becoming a therapist was to provide resources, knowledge, and hope for those beginning adulthood. Becoming who you want to be as an adult can be a time of fulfillment, adventure, and exploration. It does not have to be filled with chaos. I look forward to joining you on this journey of transformation!

Visit our Counselors page to learn more about your group leader.


Typical group procedures will include “round robins” where each person in the circle responds to a prompt and mostly spontaneous discussion centered around guiding questions provided by the leader. Creative activities will also be provided which offer an opportunity to non-verbally process thoughts and feelings. These activities will typically end with an opportunity to verbalize what was felt and thought during the activity. In between sessions, participants will have assignments designed to facilitate application of group growth to real life.

The cost for this group experience which provides 6 hours of intensive therapy services is a total of $100 which is payable by the first meeting of the group. This represents a significant savings over the standard $65 per hour therapy fee! If any participants are unable to pay in full up front, a deposit of $55 is payable before the first meeting of the group. A second payment of $55 would be due before the third meeting of the group. A weekly payment plan of $30 is also available. Note that payment is for your place in the group, whether or not you attend.


If your health insurance coverage is a PPO policy which offers some coverage for out-of network providers – we will be happy to provide a bill of service you can submit for possible reimbursement. Please note that such reimbursement will require us to diagnose you with a mental health condition which would be noted on the bill of service.

Ready to transform your relationships? Fill out the interest form on this page. We will contact you to schedule a 30 minute assessment appointment with your group leader. The cost for this session will be $25.We want to build a group of folks who are ready and able to walk this kind of path. Everyone is different and this group may not be the best fit for all those learning how to navigate new relationships or finding their voice. If “Becoming You” is a good fit, you will participate in the process of determining the best day and time for the group to meet. You will receive the group’s service agreement and informed consent. That’s it!

We look forward to beginning this important journey to transformation with you.

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