My Experience with Covid-19

So this post will be different from my others. Here at Phenix, we strive to live by authenticity. Which means we live out what we challenge each of you to do each session. Usually, my posts are written after I’ve processed something, after I have learned a new concept, one that I have had time to put into motion. This...[ read more ]

All Consuming Loneliness

I originally had a different blog post planned, one with a great picture of one of my cats. Then I met with individuals this week and heard what they had to say. With COVID revamping, and just the daily stressors of being an adult in the 21st century in America, there was this pattern of loneliness.  Not just the "oh...[ read more ]

The importance of slowing down.

If you have been in therapy with anyone from Phenix Counseling, you have probably heard the following words: the importance of slowing down.  There are usually a variety of reactions when this is discussed, all the way from the impossibility of even considering a different pace in life to flat out annoyance of still hearing this as an option. We...[ read more ]

The Art of Fertilization Part 1

I started growing a green bell pepper plant around the same time we began posting about sowing. My coworker, Justin, had already done the work of planting the seed. My job was just to fertilize and nurture the little growing plant. Let me tell you though, a lot easier said than done. Plants may have the same basic needs, but...[ read more ]

Sneakers and Mental Health

Do you have sneakers/cleats you no longer wear or that just never felt comfortable?  Want to avoid adding to our exploding landfills?  Would you like to help provide excellent mental health care to your neighbors?  Have we got an easy plan for you!  Drop those shoes off at one of two locations during the month of May.  When we turn...[ read more ]

Tending the Garden

Last month we looked at sowing - how to begin the process of creating the life we want to  have. This month, we are exploring the next step in the process - tending the garden as it begins to grow. Tending has two main parts, pruning and weeding. Both require patience. Pruning starts as the plants begin to grow. You've done...[ read more ]

The importance of sowing

I am currently smack dab in the middle of this time in a therapist’s life called Registered Internship. It is a time where grad school has finished (thank You, Jesus) but you are not yet licensed. It is this in-between time, this time of transition. Often, it is viewed as a segment of life that one wants to pass through as...[ read more ]

True Love?

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the whole month seems to be focused on this concept of love - finding it, keeping it, healing from the loss of it, nurturing it, or even avoiding it.But what is love really? Where does it even start?Many times for people, love equals acceptance. We try to earn the acceptance through how we look,...[ read more ]

Pandemic Combustion Prevention

  Have you about reached your limits after almost 8 months of chaos? Most of us began this season in March with some level of anxiety but a commitment to be careful and a belief that “this too shall pass”. Well. It hasn’t quite gone that way, has it? Not only are we staring down the barrel of a resurgence...[ read more ]

Service…it’s who we are!

How did we end up in downtown Orlando, in the oppressive heat during the middle of a pandemic? Well.  Phenix Counseling was founded with a commitment to service.  While we recognize the value of the knowledge and skill we bring to the table, expecting that the worker is worthy of their wage, we have always been mindful of the fact...[ read more ]

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