Tending the Garden

Last month we looked at sowing - how to begin the process of creating the life we want to  have. This month, we are exploring the next step in the process - tending the garden as it begins to grow. Tending has two main parts, pruning and weeding. Both require patience. Pruning starts as the plants begin to grow. You've done...[ read more ]

The importance of sowing

I am currently smack dab in the middle of this time in a therapist’s life called Registered Internship. It is a time where grad school has finished (thank You, Jesus) but you are not yet licensed. It is this in-between time, this time of transition. Often, it is viewed as a segment of life that one wants to pass through as...[ read more ]

True Love?

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the whole month seems to be focused on this concept of love - finding it, keeping it, healing from the loss of it, nurturing it, or even avoiding it.But what is love really? Where does it even start?Many times for people, love equals acceptance. We try to earn the acceptance through how we look,...[ read more ]

Pandemic Combustion Prevention

  Have you about reached your limits after almost 8 months of chaos? Most of us began this season in March with some level of anxiety but a commitment to be careful and a belief that “this too shall pass”. Well. It hasn’t quite gone that way, has it? Not only are we staring down the barrel of a resurgence...[ read more ]

Service…it’s who we are!

How did we end up in downtown Orlando, in the oppressive heat during the middle of a pandemic? Well.  Phenix Counseling was founded with a commitment to service.  While we recognize the value of the knowledge and skill we bring to the table, expecting that the worker is worthy of their wage, we have always been mindful of the fact...[ read more ]

Online Adventures

Over the years, I've worked with a number of therapists, beginning with a licensed social worker who was also a pastor at a local church.  Each one has walked a specific section of my journey with me, facilitating insight and clarity along the way.  Soon after arriving in Orlando, I worked with two different therapists during an exceedingly challenging time...[ read more ]

Business Success

**This is the second in a two part series.  Click here to read the first post.*** Intelligence and knowledge are so common these days that we can't trade on just those anymore.  Emotional intelligence, applied to corporate culture design is now the factor that sets you apart and is the key to longevity.  Yesterday, we defined business smarts as the...[ read more ]

Let’s talk business

**This is the first of a two part series.  Link to the second post is at the bottom.** After 30 minutes on the plane, we were all asked to get off as the mechanical problem identified needed further attention.  We were a band of 25 people from Orlando heading to a connecting flight in Newark that would take us to...[ read more ]


At the GLS event I mentioned a couple of months ago, I heard Juliet Funt speak on the concept of "whitespace": that business of intentionally creating a space for NOTHING so that creativity can emerge in the workplace.  An excellent reminder and validation of my love for this concept in our personal lives.  Our culture is driven by the need...[ read more ]

“Safe” People

I actually don't like that term "safe" since it's definition is: absence of risk. We all know that no part of life meets that definition. I think we'll go with "safer" people. The concept has been mentioned in previous posts so I thought it time to focus on what I mean by this business of finding and connecting with safer...[ read more ]

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