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What does corporate use of consumer data have to do with therapy?   How do I make sense of how my personal data is being bought and sold in the world wide web marketplace?   What does all that have to do with counseling?   Phenix is about holistic health - working with you to address mental and emotional health while connecting that...[ read more ]


Have you given up on dreaming big in this season of unpredictability and global chaos? Wondering how you can recapture your joy for life? Join us on a journey of building Vision! I don't know about you, but I feel as if the last few years have been an exercise in wandering - it has been so difficult to set...[ read more ]

Living on the other side

Wondering what it takes to actually live the life you’ve dreamed of?   What do you need to know before you take the leap into living your life differently? [caption id="attachment_2370" align="alignleft" width="300"] The promised land, where your new story begins...[/caption] I have written here about the general arc of therapy we follow.  We have offered tips for maximizing each stage...[ read more ]


What happens when you unplug? Is it really worth the hassle? Great things happen and YES, it is absolutely worth it! Our last post gave a status report of overload that we knew would be unwise to ignore.  We decided to take a more aggressive approach and disconnect completely from the noise.  We did not have a time frame going...[ read more ]

Global Overload

Are you feeling out of sorts? Does the word "tired" not quite capture the state you've been in for too long? Are you finding that your old-reliable strategies aren't working to boost your functioning? In April, I wrote a post about rest.  It was a recounting of strategies we had actually used to give ourselves the opportunity to recharge and...[ read more ]

Recognition and Grief

I don't have all of the right words to say, and honestly, I'm not sure what those are at this point. Because there are not any words that can take away the pain, atrocities, and grief that occurred this past weekend. I had another blog post planned for this week but to move on and ignore what has occurred would...[ read more ]

Rest times seven

Isn't rest simply sitting still or sleeping? Have you found yourself sleeping or being still a lot but feeling more exhausted than ever? Maybe the rest you're getting isn't the kind of rest you need! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am fascinated with the biblical significance of numbers. It is well known by many in the Christian...[ read more ]

Dealing with Disappointment

  It seems that is a common theme these days.Plans are made, an interruption strikes, and disappointment enters.   A relationship doesn't work out the way we hoped it would, a job doesn't turn out how we thought, plans we were looking forward to are cancelled. The day becomes entrenched in it, the weekend overcome by it.       ...[ read more ]

Couples Therapy

Are you wondering if your relationship would benefit from therapy? Trouble in relationships is not uncommon.  The pressures of the last couple of years, on top of the usual conflicts in any relationship, have sent many couples in search of assistance to address concerns.  Thankfully, the research on couples' counseling shows much greater satisfaction with the assistance received these days...[ read more ]

Understanding Hidden Traumas

Amidst the wide scale destabilization that has occurred in our world over the past few years, hearing the word “trauma” has become almost second nature. All of us could list off things that happened that we weren’t expecting or weren’t thrilled with. Things that were considered “crises” and relationships that were affected.However, what about the hidden traumas that still impact...[ read more ]

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