Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Group counseling is a powerful format which allows us to harness the chemistry of connections (and disconnections) in the room to identify and challenge the aspects of ourselves which get in our way.

Observing you within a group gives your therapist invaluable insight they would never obtain in individual sessions. Group therapy is also much more affordable, making it easier to commit to the transformative process. Most groups are closed – meaning members would be consistent for the full group cycle.

You may be familiar with support groups and wonder how they differ from what Phenix has to offer. Support groups are usually free and typically led by non-professionals…most often someone who has experienced the issue at hand. As such, they can vary in their effectiveness but they can be a wonderful place to find others who understand what you are experiencing and to hear good ideas for coping well. In contrast, therapy groups are led by a mental health professional. They usually provide excellent pycho-education on the topic as well as an intentional structure to walk members through a process of healing. Like individual therapy, there is a treatment plan in place to help participants reach the therapeutic goals of the group. This requires professional expertise in facilitating brave space, assessing group members, and managing the dynamics of the group to be focused and effective.

Current Sessions

Victory In Loss – A group therapy journey to help you pick up the broken pieces and move forward in a new and healthy way.

Domestic Violence Recovery – A group therapy journey to recalibrate your body’s threat response system, grieve your losses and learn the skills for healthy relationship with self and others.

Divorce Recovery – A group therapy journey to manage the emotions of divorce, grieve your losses and build a new life!

Soul Care for Helping Professionals – A group therapy journey for those who spend their days helping others (medical professionals, mental health professionals, ministry professionals, etc.).  Burnout is a very real danger in those fields.  This group helps you to identify soul damage and blocks to self care, identify strategies for soul detox, cultivate authenticity in your work, build boundary setting skills and find support for hard decisions.


Group offerings are responsive to the needs of clients so contact us today with the type of group you would like to find and we will place you on our list. Once we have a minimum number of participants, we will launch the group.

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