Online Counseling

Online Counseling

Are you an Orlando resident tired of driving in our crazy traffic, struggling to secure child care or caught up in a busy schedule?

Do you live in Florida but have trouble finding therapists with the expertise you need or struggle to attend in-person appointments?

Are you living outside the US with limited access to psychotherapy?

Are you struggling to find someone in your country with the US or Caribbean cultural experience you need?

Consider online counseling utilizing a HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly platform called Doxy.

Between Dr Cunard’s personal experience and our extensive travels, we realized long before COVID:

Many local clients struggle to attend in-person appointments due to scheduling, child-care needs, health problems or travel and now – teletherapy has become the norm!

Clients all over the state of Florida are looking for our particular expertise: self worth building, true self discovery, sexual trauma recovery, confidence building, identity development, life purpose clarity, decision making processes, adult recovery from childhood trauma, adult adoptee care, grief/loss release, and guidance in building healthy relationships.  

There are so many English-speakers living outside the US, who struggle to find a therapist they connect well with.

Caribbean residents (Andrea is originally from Jamaica) may have difficulty finding the right combination of cultural understanding and therapeutic approach in their country.

Maybe you hadn’t considered working with someone online, even after extensive experience with Zoom meetings. We can relate. Read Andrea’s story here to learn how we started seeing this as a viable option before it became a necessity and what online counseling is like.

Discover the ease and comfort of teletherapy…Contact us today for a Complimentary 50-minute consultation session!

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