Our Practice Story

Our Practice Story

In 2012, I (Andrea) had the idea to start offering intensive psychotherapy retreats to women who were tired of living life below their potential.  I was working full time as a student development administrator, so a full time psychotherapy practice was not in the cards.  In searching for a business name, I reflected on my journey – rising from the ashes of losing my daughter.  The legend of the Pheonix came to mind and I immediately knew I wanted to give my business that name.  What better metaphor for my mission than this story of rebirth, transformation and purpose?  In researching the legend, I came across the Latin spelling of the icon and chose that in an effort to avoid association with the city name.  An unexpected move to Orlando put the whole idea on the back burner but in 2015, the desire to return to clinical work inspired a move toward actually launching Phenix, but as a psychotherapy practice, not just occasional retreats.  This dream was fulfilled on August 1st, 2016.

By this time, my dear friend Justin had decided to pursue a masters in counseling instead of the leadership degree he had originally intended. Seeing his strong leadership and business acumen, I proposed he come to work for Phenix when he graduated so that I could set him up to run the business.  I had plans to work internationally and knew I needed a trustworthy leader to steward my practice.  Our friendship grew as he finished his Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management.  We explored his interest in adventure counseling and brainstormed many business ideas for workshops, groups, consulting, retreats and adventure.  Meanwhile, I developed a solid practice of individual and family counseling as well as organizational consulting and creative workshops.  Friendship blossomed into more and in June of 2019 we became engaged.  On January 1st, 2020 – Phenix was re-launched as a group practice and we got married in February of that same year.  Little did we know what was about to unfold around the globe!  

Today, we exist to provide creative, excellent, effective psychotherapy that transforms people and allows them to function in their purpose.  We believe that transformed people love well and function more effectively.  We are committed to service both locally and around the globe.  We have built a scholarship fund to assist those who cannot afford services by retaining ten percent of profits.  (Scholarship recipients are privately referred by our community contacts.)  Every counselor at Phenix also maintains one ‘giving back’ client who pays what they can afford.  As a team, we seek to model healthy relationship both within our organization as we grow and with our clients.  We have a unique story and extensive life experience which positions us to shepherd others toward their best selves, as well as healthier relationships and organizations!

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