Does your life appear pleasant from the outside but inside, you’re crumbling?
Does it feel like you can’t get off the merry-go-round of dysfunction?
Are you realizing that past trauma has affected you more than you originally thought?
Ready to tackle long-standing emotional issues in your life?

Phenix retreats offer a unique answer!

We offer psychotherapy retreats that brings together persons who have experienced life’s fiery trials to launch their process of rising from the ashes – above the brokenness, to beautifully living out their purpose.


Retreats utilize a carefully structured path of group and art therapy, spiritual exploration (when desired), exercise and education in a peaceful location which allows for focused introspection and transformation.


It is our belief that unplugging from the constant noise of life and dedicating time to a holistic overhaul of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual habits offers a unique and efficient way to make the paradigm shift we have known was needed. We believe that when we make room for all parts of ourselves, and utilize a comprehensive set of tools, amazing changes can happen!

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