The Art of Fertilization Part 1

The Art of Fertilization Part 1

I started growing a green bell pepper plant around the same time we began posting about sowing. My coworker, Justin, had already done the work of planting the seed. My job was just to fertilize and nurture the little growing plant. Let me tell you though, a lot easier said than done. Plants may have the same basic needs, but each one manifests differently: how much water they need, how much sun they need, how much room they need to grow. My bell pepper plant, Phoebe, almost died, until I learned which needs of hers I wasn’t meeting and how to do so. 

Sound familiar?

Many times, we run throughout life trying to make things work but not knowing how to meet our own needs. 

This is especially true for those in the helping profession. If you don’t know how to meet your own needs, how will you meet the needs of others? This is true for parents as well. If you struggle to identify and meet your own needs, or struggle to have a community around you that also assists with meeting certain needs, how will you do that for your child?

For those of you who have played the role of “helper” or “rescuer” in your family, it is safe to say that you became very proficient at reading others and identifying what you needed to do to please them. However, many times your own needs were shut down in the process.

Maslow’s Hierarchy can actually be a good starting place. I invite you to take some time this week to review the base needs on the triangle and see if you are meeting those in your daily life. Yes, I know those needs on the bottom seem simple, but often we are not even meeting those consistently. If you can confidently say you are meeting those needs consistently, then move to the next level. 

*Maslow’s theory is an adaptation of the Siksika Blackfoot tribe’s tipi concepts along with several other sources not traditionally credited.


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